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West Who citizens from around the world.

 John Farr -  A West Who citizen since 1969.  Offices held include President, Vice President, Minister of Communications.  He is married with three children and three grandchildren.  He likes to travel, swim, read and volunteer.  He was born in California, USA. and likes Italian food and donuts.
  Dr. Joseph Rankin is a West Who citizen. Married to Joy Rankin they are blessed with ten beautiful children. Born in Nigeria. He likes traveling and humanitarian services.
  Margaret & Luke Neiderer, she is the Director of Conservation for West Who and he is a Senator.  These West Who citizens live in Nevada.  They have one daughter, like to travel and enjoy the outdoors.
  Sarah Roberts is the Vice President of the Republic of West Who.  She was born in California and is currently attending university to become a teacher.  She likes music, traveling, swimming and the beach.
  Ibrahim Algın is a West Who citizen since 2019. Businessman.  Married with two children. He likes to travel and taste new foods. He was born in Şanlıurfa, Turkey and lives in Gaziantep, Turkey.
 Jaclynn & Everett Morrow are West Who citizens who live in California.  Jaclynn is the Assistant Minister of Education for West Who.  She is married to Darren and has three children - all are West Who citizens.
  Nicola Pillonetto was born in 1975 in Italy where I am a police officer, founder of the "European Volunteers" association that is committed to environmental protection, animal protection, civil protection, blood and organ donation, historical vehicles. In addition, the delegate for the province of Treviso of "Fraternità della Strada" which deals with road safety. Already a volunteer in the Italian Red Cross and in the Auxiliary Coast Guard and a West Who citizen.

  Chris Roberts is the Chief Justice of the West Who Supreme Court.  Chief Justice Chris Roberts gained West Who citizenship in June of 2015 while he was in the county jail in Colorado Springs. While that may seem unusual, Justice Roberts was a deputy sheriff at the time and happened to be working the jail when notice of his citizenship arrived! Justice Roberts served unofficially as an Ambassador for West Who while living in Germany from January 2016 to July 2019. He currently resides in East Tennessee with his family. Justice Roberts enjoys reading and exercising and eating popcorn. 

 Ron Hall is West Who's only astronaut. He was born in and lives in California.  Ron is married to Dawn and has one son Nate.  He enjoys traveling, biking, mountain climbing, running and other outdoors activities.  He was once in charge of a submarine at Disneyland.
  Michael Farr is the Foreign Minister of West Who.  He has traveled to 85 different nations around the world.  Mike likes sports, reading, and traveling.  He is a Dodger's baseball fan and a Raiders football fan.  He likes to eat tacos and enjoys going to the movies.
Ayman Boumenkar a West Who citizen and Moroccan singer who starred in the year 2017 through social networking sites. He is distinguished by a new style that entered the artistic arena from its wide doors and by joining DAT companies a great weight in the artistic arena: Anghami and Spinnin Records. Ayman was born on September 7, 2001 in Marrakech, Morocco The artist is characterized by his performance of Arabic versions of songs in a simplified language.
 Mac Roberts was born in Germany and will be attending University in the USA to study economics and mathematics. He likes to run, travel, and eat Chipotle.  Mac is the Director of the West Who Olympics Program.
 Ramesh Kumar is a Lawyer/Businessman/social activist from Pakistan with the aim in life to help poor and needy people.  He is a member of the International Bar Association, Progressive Human Foundation and International Association of Lawyers.  He is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of West Who.


 Ratan Patel is a West Who citizen who lives in India.  He attended Drishti Academy in Delhi and graduated from University Jaunpur with a degree in economics and social science.  He currently works in International Business Development.


 Kathy Landis Bowman is a retired teacher of children with special needs.  She is a world traveler.  Kathy is one of the longest serving West Who Senators.  Born in Illinois she currently lives in California.


  Evan Gleifert was born in the United States.  He plays football for his high school team.  His career plans include a career in the military.


 Patricio Vincente De La Plaza is a retired businessman who lives in Santiago, Chile.  A long time West Who citizen, Senor De La Plaza is the Republic of West Who Ambassador to Chile.


James Powers is a writer and internet radio broadcaster who lives in Massachusetts, USA. He is a huge fan of soccer, Doctor Who (Tom Baker is his favorite Doctor), the works of Hunter S. Thompson, travel (UK, Barbados, Canada, Australia, and all over the United States), and history. His interest in political history led him to West Who, where's he proud to be a citizen.

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