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The West Who Ministry of Citizen Affairs invites you to become a West Who citizen.

Interested in becoming a citizen of the Republic of West Who, complete the form on this page.  It is an easy process and we would welcome you as a member of our country. You can have West Who citizenship and still remain a citizen of your current country.  This is known as dual citizenship. Be apart of a country that values its citizens, is a happy place and has citizens living around the world.

West Who is recognized by twenty micronations and our passports are valid there, however no nation currently a member of the United Nations recognizes the Republic of West Who or accepts its passport. 


Citizenship Form for the Republic of West Who

Yes, I would like to become a West Who citizen. By completing this form, I agree to support the Republic of West Who and its elected leaders. I want to belong to a nation that is "Independent, Free and Fun".

Interesting Information

1969 - 2019
- - 50 Years of Fun - -


West Who citizens may purchase a Passport for $20 US


Check out the West Who Flag video on YouTube


Horton Hears a Who is the favorite reading book of West Who children.     

Over 44 micronations attended MicroCon 2019 in Canada, check out the video of events

What is a micronation? Watch this HBO/Vice News story and find out. It features MicroCon 2017 an international summit of micronations, including West Who.


West Who e-Passports are available to citizens for $20 US dollars or ($100 West Who dollars).  Contact the Department of Citizen Affairs for more information.

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